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Hotelligent believes that your hotel booking experience ought to be really fast, easy, and enjoyable. As computing power and network speeds increase over time, the technologies that serve the web and billions of websites have become increasingly complex. Without getting down into the weeds, suffice it to say that this technical complexity has a propensity to slow down other hotel booking websites that do not properly implement today’s web technology.

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To Like Us on your favorite social network simply click on the social icon on the top right header of any page except the home page. We didn’t add it to the home page because we didn’t want to slow you down when you’re in a hurry to book a hotel. Quite simply social sharing technologies aren’t as fast as our network and create a bottleneck on the homepage.

Sure we want you to like us, but we’re all about speed and value. At Hotelligent, we want your hotel booking experience to be fast and easy so you’ll come back again and again. We're popular on social media, it's true. But, we think that you’ll like us even more because we’re fast and focused on your end-user experience, not ours.

Why Do the Homepage Like Icons Bring Me Here?

The technical complexity that serves a website from the origin server to you requires “handshakes” to both internal and external site resources. Hotelligent has minimized the number of external resources that must be loaded on the homepage of our websites in order to bring you the hotel booking search engine as quickly as possible.

As a matter of fact, most Hotelligent websites load in under 2.2 seconds measured at various points of presence in major cities around the globe. In the US, Canada, Europe, and much of Asia, it’s generally just over 1 second to see a Hotelligent website from your high-speed connection. That’s really fast, and it ranks our network and hotel booking platform in the top 93% of sites worldwide and the top 98% of major hotel booking websites, hotel chains sites, and independent hoteliers.

Because it's What We Believe

Hotelligent believes that hotel booking sites should be really fast. Who wants to wait 10-30 seconds for a site to reload? No-one. Hotel Booking websites process extremely high overhead ecommerce transactions. And this requires a great deal of human and technical expertise, a reliable and fast worldwide network of origin and end-point servers, and highly optimized website code. That's why at Hotelligent we've implemented a next generation hotel booking network and platform. Read more about our technology implementation here.

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